About Mike Sadowski


I’m an independent consultant focused on projects in the areas of supply-chain and logistics software, cloud applications development, IT strategy, software product management and marketing, and third-party logistics (3PL) business processes.  I also own an offshore software development company, Cayugasoft Technologies, with staff in Eastern Europe and Chile.  Previously, I was CIO at a major logistics service provider, where I led the development of numerous web-based supply-chain applications.  Prior to that I was VP of Product Management at a supply-chain software company, a Principal at PRTM Management Consultants (now part of PwC), and a software engineer.

You can see a more detailed profile here, on LinkedIn.

P.S. What’s a CamiApp?  I tried names like LogisticsCloud or TransportSoft, and many others related to cloud software and logistics,  and they were all taken.  So I came up with CamiApp since camion is French for truck, and it’s one of the few words I remember from high school French class.  Sure enough, a company in Japan subsequently released some kind of iPhone app that they called CamiApp–apparently without consulting me!  So guys, if you want the CamiApp domain, sorry, I have it and it’s going to cost you!


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